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Gerard Brennan

Gerard Brennan is the author of Disorder, Wee Rockets, Fireproof, Undercover, and The Point. His short stories have been featured in anthologies including The Mammoth Book of Best British Crime and Belfast Noir. He is co-editor of Requiems for the Departed, and has won two Spinetingler Awards, for Best Anthology and Best Novella.

Contributions to the Dockyard Press Blog: The Honesty Stall 25 April 2021

Barry Graham

Barry Graham is what Foucault called an Author Function. So that. His books include The Book of Man, When It All Comes Down to Dust, and Kill Your Self: Life After Ego.

Contributions to the Dockyard Press Blog: Fleeing the Crime Scene 5 November 2019 The HOST: a Thomas Carnacki Story 9 December 2019 Cause and Effect 6 January 2020 The Temp Typist's Tale 29 February 2020

Lisa MoonCat

Lisa MoonCat is a moon loving mystic, a mom, an accountant and a writer. Blessings on the Path! Poetry: Not Optional is her first book.

Contributions to the Dockyard Press Blog: Goddess in the Lightning 23 December 2019 For the Workers 4 April 2020

M.V. Moorhead

M.V. Moorhead is an award-winning American film critic, playwright, actor and director. He lives in Phoenix, Arizona.

Contributions to the Dockyard Press Blog: Black Lives Matter 12 June 2020 Why Removing Confederate Statues Isn't Erasing History 6 July 2020 Cicada Summer 19 August 2020 3 Days is Skirt World 25 March 2021 There Werewolf's Complaint 1 November 2021

Zak Mucha

Zak Mucha, LCSW, is a psychotherapist in private practice and an analytic candidate at the Chicago Center for Psychoanalysis. He spent seven years working as the supervisor of an Assertive Community Treatment (ACT) program, providing 24/7 services to persons suffering from severe psychosis, substance abuse issues, and homelessness. Mucha has also worked as a counselor and consultant for U.S. combat veterans undergoing training for digital forensic investigations in child pornography. He is the author of Emotional Abuse: A manual for self-defense and a poetry collection, Shadow Box.

​Contributions to the Dockyard Press Blog: Three Poems 7 March 2020

daishin stephenson

daishin stephenson is a zen monk who writes, paints, takes photographs and videos. from outside into the cave is her first book.

​Contributions to the Dockyard Press Blog: crow 19 December 2019 poem 30 December 2019 conversation 5 February 2020 burden 25 April 2020 trichobezoar 3 August 2020

Dockyard Press Blog Contributors

Ivy Abbott

Ivy Abbott is a Zoopla enthusiast who right now loves and hates everything in equal measure. She is occasionally sacramental.

Poem 13 February 2020

Xeno Albannach

Xeno Albannach (born in Glasgow in 2019) is a socialist, pro-Scottish Independence collective.

The Colonisation of the Scottish Mind 17 January 2020 Independence Is Its Own Policy 11 March 2020

Mickey Batts

One Wet Market 20 March 2020 The Farfetched Now: Neal Stephenson's Fall; Or, Dodge in Hell 16 May 2020

Tony Black

London Calling 15 November 2019

Bobby Carlson

Bobby Carlson was born in a hospital in the parking lot of Valley West Mall in Glendale, Arizona. The hospital became a morgue, and then just a parking lot. In fourth grade, Carlson saw Tommy Guerrero skate the streets of San Francisco in Bones Brigade II: Future Primitive and began skateboarding as soon as he could get his hands on a skateboard. When Carlson was 18, he started playing in bands, and for some reason, has never stopped. He also likes movies.

Poem 15 April 2021


dubh is a makar an fiction writer in Glasgow, wha scrieves in Scots, an is workin oan a novel.

Poem 21 February 2020 If Is Cave Wis In Glasgow 8 May 2020 20/20 Vision 20 July 2020

Donald Jacobs

Born in Greenock, and raised in Gourock, Donald sells books, reads books, and someday he might write a book. In his spare time he takes pictures of ash trees before they disappear.

Hotel Vienna 22 July 2021

Bart Lessard

Poem 5 November 2019 Poem 11 November 2019 Butney Headhunters 28 November 2019 Rebuttal 5 March 2020 Gang Aft Agley 11 May 2020 The Uses of A Poet 8 April 2021

Gerry Loose

Gerry Loose is a slow-moving nomad who now lives on the Isle of Bute. His work has been in poetry, agriculture and horticulture. He works primarily with subjects from the natural world, most specifically with plants, as well as the world of geo-politics. His work is found inscribed and created in parks, botanic gardens and in natural landscapes as well as in galleries, hospitals and on the page. Among his publications are Printed on Water: New and Selected Poems, that person himself, fault line, and An Oakwoods Almanac. His latest book is The Unfinished Hut.

In praise of nothing 1 April 2021

Babs Nicgriogair

Babs Nicgriogair is a mother, worker and walker of dogs, lover of bikes, barbers and back-green belters, small-time chronicler of the hood.

Because the Night Belongs to Us 5 December 2019

Rabina Orde

I Cut Her While She Was Sleeping 18 November 2019

Brian Quail

Prisoner No. 133799 Quail, Brian Michael, religion R.C., born 24/03/1938, former Principal Teacher of Latin Greek Russian, father of seven, grandfather to fifteen, member Pax Christi, Iona Community, Scottish CND, SCANA, Catholic Worker, Trident Ploughshares, into Russian icons, wildflowers, Bach, curry, reggae, Gaelic, Ravi Shankar, poetry, Gregorian plainchant, beer, history,nOrthodoxy, the Gregorian language, the Shroud of Turin, Russian Church Music, Bob Marley, daffodils, dancing, Dostoyevsky, and Mozart.

Contributions to the Dockyard Press Blog: ​A Brief Reminiscence of Racism in Scottish Education 2 July 2020

Johnny Shaw

Johnny Shaw is the author of such novels as Big Maria and the Jimmy Veeder series, and, as evidenced by his posts on the Dockyard Press Blog, a scholar of sorts.

Excerpt 7 February 2020 American Heroes 23 March 2020 Crossword 16 April 2020 Cryptic Crossword 28 May 2020

GM Stevenson

GM Stevenson is the Editor-in-Chief of Dockyard Press.

LOVE AND COLONISATION 12 December 2019 Glasgow Man with Coronavirus Symptoms Denied Test 13 March 2020 Why is Scottish Media Not Talking About Craig Murray's Banning From the Alex Salmond Trial? 27 March 2020 Daily Record Ignores Craig Murray's Reporting, Goes After Craig Murray Instead 1 April 2020 The View From Here: A Sickness That Lets Us See Clearly 18 April 2020 Neil Gaiman Can't Get His Story Straight 20 May 2020 The Chilling Persecution of Craig Murray 21 May 2020 Journalists and Activists Should Not Expose Their Sources and Comrades for Convenience 4 June 2020

Tracy Taggart

Tracy Taggart is a nomadic Texan trauma surgeon, writer and Zen practitioner. She’s online at Person of No Rank.

Poem 21 January 2020 Esther 17 February 2020