The Colonisation of the Scottish Mind — 17 January 2020

by Xeno Albannach

Scotland is in an abusive relationship with England. Abusers control the people they are abusing by colonising their minds, until the abused speaks the language of the abuser, sees only the abuser’s reality. It happens to abused partners, and it is happening to Scotland.

I hear supporters of Scottish Independence, even members of the SNP, discussing whether Scotland needs to go ahead with “an illegal referendum,” i.e. one not sanctioned by the English government. In using the language of the coloniser, we agree to the coloniser’s power. We buy into England’s mythology, its view of itself as the boss, or master, whose permission we need. If we think of a unilateral referendum as illegal, then we accept England’s authority, and we are defeated right from the start, because, from the start, we live in England’s reality, not our own, believe in England’s authority, not our own, negotiate on England’s terms, not our own.

That which is given can be taken away. We must tell, not ask, England. Until we do, no matter how overwhelmingly we vote for the SNP, Scotland will continue to get the government and the policies England votes for. Scotland’s present situation, when it comes to elections, reminds me of a joke:

A man goes to prison for the first time, and his cellmate is a large thug. He tells the newcomer, “Your worst fear is right — you’re going to have to have sex with me. But I’ll give you a choice: you can either be my husband or my wife. Which one do you choose?”

Trying to make the best of the situation, the man says, “Okay, I choose to be your husband.”

“Good,” says the thug. “Now, bend over. Your wife is going to fuck you up the arse.”

Until we declare, not ask for, our independence, we will continue to be fucked, no matter which of England’s “choices” for us we select.

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